Doom [EP]


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This is the 3rd album about Kafla and his struggle.


released March 21, 2015

David Napier - Instrumentation / Vocals
Courtney Napier - Vocals




TIMŌRĀTUS Louisville, Kentucky

TIMŌRĀTUS is a multi-genre metal project and it is an ultimate effort to bring honor and glory to our savior Jesus Christ.

TIMŌRĀTUS means, a, um, adj. timor, full of reverence towards God, devout, Vulg. Luc. 2, 25 (transl. of the Gr. εὐλαβής); id. Act. 8, 2; Hier. in Isa. 14, 50, 10.
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Track Name: Slumbering Vision
The years are rolling
Tripping over themselves
In the twilight
I lay my head down
Counting all as lost
And dream of you

Oh, my love
Wrap your arms around me
Fill my soul with yours
Don't dwell on the sorrow
Don't be burdened
Know that I am with you
Watching and waiting
He has plans for you
He has plans for you

I wake with memories of you

Driven to continue
I love you
I miss you

Burning with new purpose
I love you
I miss you

You are with me, always pushing
You are inside of me, always growing

This child, it grows in this world without you
All I can do now is continue to dream

Oh my love
Wrap your arms
(Oh, how I miss you)
Oh my love
(Oh how I love you)
Don’t dwell on sorrow
He has plans for you

My dreams may end but the memories remain

Filled with vision, filled with purpose

I'll see you again, my love
I'll see you once again

Death knocks at my door
Death extends his hand
But I quickly refuse
Track Name: Realization of Purpose
This life means everything to me
The world is lost, without it's King
With the crushing weight of this sound
Please of Lord, send my dreams by angel light
The child has grown, furthering in love
Your power shows through, my peace improves

Days, upon days, upon days... waiting

Your love, shines through
Your servants, stay true

My love, I'll see again
For now I have been trusted
To guide and protect

The times always seem to be changing
Changing, always changing (X3)
The times always seem to be changing
Changing, always changing (X3)
Changing, always changing (X3)
But they never really do

You my God, never change
The sins of man have broken all our homes
But, Your love has formed our souls

The mountains and the seas speak of your beauty and your power
God, give me strength