Grind [EP]


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This is the last album in the concept EP set of 4 (Black, Death, Doom and Grind).


released May 7, 2015

David Napier - Instrumentation / Vocals




TIMŌRĀTUS Louisville, Kentucky

TIMŌRĀTUS is a multi-genre metal project and it is an ultimate effort to bring honor and glory to our savior Jesus Christ.

TIMŌRĀTUS means, a, um, adj. timor, full of reverence towards God, devout, Vulg. Luc. 2, 25 (transl. of the Gr. εὐλαβής); id. Act. 8, 2; Hier. in Isa. 14, 50, 10.
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Track Name: Questions
The fool said with his heart that there is no God
But, father
Don't be corrupted by those who want to destroy you and take your blood
God looks down from the heavens
God looks down from the heavens
Upon His children
Corrupted then forgiven
Those who lead me to my death how no way to save me
Save me
Child, you must go and prosper
I have loved you as my own
Track Name: Coming Into Her Own
To Christ He holds the truth
To life He now leads the way
Judgment, it comes to all
Kafla, father, help me please
Child, what do you need of me?
The world crumbles beneath my feet
Trust in the Lord to save you from this wicked world below and it's unrighteousness
Track Name: Father
She is now dreaming
Blotted in memory, let the water flood my soul
Lord, please fill this gnashing, gaping hole
She wakes
Father what does it mean
Don't cry, just come, to me, sweet child
The loss, of those, I love, pains me
A knock at the door
Who could it be?
Who could it be?
Track Name: New Love
The door opens as a man just stands asking for her
What do you want?
I saw you earlier and just had to know
Your beauty is remarkable
Your beauty is amazing
I must know, what is your name?
My name is Lucia
I am Simon
The lamplights warm the night
The streets pale and glistening white
Her hand in his as nothing passes their sight
Track Name: Winding Down
My life rides on wings
As we walk down the street gazing in each others eyes
The peace of the Lord came upon them
I know now that I do not have long in this world
I just can't wait to go home
Track Name: Deathbed
Father don't go please
I must go child, my body is not meant for this world
Panic sets in like a knife
I've lost too much in this world
You've met a good man
Now, go with God
I will always love you for what you have done for me
Child, I have done nothing, for the Lord, He saves.